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The prestigious German Egyptologist Emma Brunner-Traut has compiled in this book 42 tales from Ancient Egypt dating from the Middle Kingdom through to the Coptic Era. In her introduction, the author shows how greatly indebted all civilisations, Christian, Moslem and even Indian, are to the most significant ancient civilisation. Where the Greeks provided philosophy, politics and scientific methods, the Egyptians transmitted their myths and all immemorial knowledge. One of the special methods of that transmission is through tales. For this reason, to read these Ancient Egyptian stories is to drink from the same fountains of innumerable traditions, myths, symbols and narratives which have lasted through to our times in hundreds of different versions and which we recognise as our own.

Cuentos del Antiguo Egipto

Some interesting external links on Emma Brunner-Traut and Egyptology:

Wikipedia: Page of the German Wikipedia about the prestigious Egyptologist, who passed away at the beginning of 2008.

Metternich Stela: On this Egyptology website many topics related to Old Egypt are discussed, as well as some of the stories collected in this book, as e.g. that of Isis or the Seven Scorpions narrated on the Metternich Stela (preserved at the Metropolitan Museum of New York).

Papyrus Chester-Beatty I: Another one of the stories of the book, the combats between Horus and Seth.

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