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Web design represents only a hobby for me. I have never devoted myself professionally to this field, but I have been working on it for several years (since 1997 in the United States). My interest in this type of design work grew from learning about computer based graphic design opportunities and my encounter with website programming languages: HTML and JavaScript, initially, and later with strictly object-oriented programming languages, such as Java. However, all these know-how has been very useful to me for my work as a translator and interpreter and also for the design of my website and my blog.

My introduction to web design was facilitated by a series of projects falling halfway between translation and web design (my work at the company Ufacex) or between teaching and design (development of an educational website at the University of Michigan).


This professional website puts into practice some of the concepts and principles which I also bear in mind when designing for the network of networks. Fundamentally, these basic concepts are compulsory if we consider, first and foremost, the visitor who will access the site for the first time with no idea what he is going to find. All too often, many of the sites published all over the internet omit this basic principle and it is thus a struggle for anyone trying to use them. The basic concepts to consider are as follows:

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