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My first published translation was in the Hora de Poesía magazine nº 94-95-96, in July 1995. It was an article on poetry by Walter Hinck, an important German literary critic. It was entitled: "Poesía alemana de postguerra" (German post-war poetry).

Here are some examples of books translated by me and which have been published. Click on each image to see a description of the book:

Peter Huchel, Carreteras, carreteras

Carreteras, carreteras (Roads, roads)
by Peter Huchel

Girls, Women and Giftedness
by Julie Ellis and John Willinsky (ed.)

Albert Ostermaier, Tatar Titus

Emma Brunner-Traut, Tales from Ancient Egypt
Tatar Titus
by Albert Ostermaier
Tales from Ancient Egypt
by Emma Brunner-Traut (ed.)
Sigmund Freud, The Circulars of the "Secret Committee"

The Circulars of the "Secret Committee", Vol. 1 1913-1920
by G. Wittenberger and Ch. Tögel (ed.)



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