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Mi dedication to interpreting goes back to the year 2002, when a good translation customer asked me to help him to orally communicate with a German client. Since then, I have accomplished more than one thousand hours of interpreting in very different situations. Interpreting is an exciting task which allows the professional interpreter to obtain immediate satisfaction as he confirms that he has been able to establish the communication needed by his clients. Here are just some examples of it:

  • Consecutive German-Spanish interpreting at various business meetings with several important Spanish corporations for the company Signmedia GmbH, Regensburg (Germany, April 2003).
  • Consecutive German-Spanish interpreting at the negotiations to seal a business agreement with the company Vinos García-Carrión (May 2003).
  • Consecutive interpreting for a specialised course on electrical systems for the busses of the company MAN Vehículos Industriales (Coslada, Madrid, duration: 1 week, June 2003).
  • Consecutive German- and French-Spanish interpreting and "chuchotage" at a cooking course given by the Spanish cook Sergi Arola (for the German association GME, December 2004).
  • Simultaneous German-Spanish interpreting at a cooperation meeting between the Spanish association ONCE and its German counterpart (March 2005).
  • Consecutive interpreting at a technical training course on electrical generators for the company Air-Rail at the Madrid Barajas airport (January 2007).
  • Continuous cooperation with the German company Alfing Sondermaschinen GmbH. Consecutive and simultaneous multilingual interpreting (German, French, English, Spanish) at numerous meetings with a duration of 2-3 days for the development of the project for a line of rod machining (car motors) for the company Renault in Valladolid (Spain, September 2004-June 2005). After the technical accomplishment of the project, permanent stay as interpreter for the installation and commissioning of the projected machine line from September 2005 to April 2006. During the year 2007, I was present at the installation several times during the summer and autumn.

Please do not hesitate to ask here for a personalised quote for your particular needs or call me at +34 91 711 70 02 (or +34 91 411 32 19).

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