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In the following I provide only some examples of translation jobs I have accomplished during my more than 10 years of professional career:


On my book page your can find detailed information about the book translations I have published.



  • Dozens of technical patents in the fields of mechanics, electricity, pneumatics, electronics.
  • Translations for the automobile industry, among them for the car makers Porsche, Audi, Renault, Volkswagen, Mercedes, BMW, MAN.
  • Translations of manuals of industrial machines for the companies Miele, Bühler and many others.
  • Technical documentation on electronic systems for the company Siemens.
  • Technical and comercial documentation for a complete installation of the German company Alfing Sondermaschinen GmbH.


  • Global development of the academic course (level 232 German for historians) on the university Intranet, composed of a text web with glossaries, author biographies and reference texts (educational website) for the University of Michigan.
  • Translation fo the financial software Midas DBA for the company Midas-Kapiti International (1999).
  • As well, translation of several methology manuals for the company Unión Fenosa Acex and their implementation in HTML-format on its Intranet.
  • Translation of an internal training program for the company DHL.
  • Numerous complete web translations.


  • Translation of financial programs, like the one mentioned earlier.
  • Translation of marketing strategies, commercial quotes for numerous companies.
  • Translation of company repports, annual financial statements.
  • Translation of texts of macroeconomics, stock market reports and predictions.


  • Translation of contracts about diverse topics for the companies mentioned earlier.
  • Translation of sentences of civil and criminal law from German or Swish tribunals.
  • Translation of civil documents, such as death or birth certificates, certificates of marriage, academic diplomas, etc.


  • During all these years I had the opportunity to translate journalistic texts, documents for the tourism industry (travel agencies, cruises), the mode or clothing industry, commercial brochures, television adds, documents for the cosmetics, chemical, pharmaceutical or medicine industry and many texts about general topics.
  • Dozens of translations of manuals on tractors, machine-tools, aeronautical industry, hydraulic and pneumatic devices, material machining, industrial vision devices, industrial measuring systems with pneumatic and cell tools or 3D-machines, laser marking or machining tools.

Please do not hesitate to ask here for a personalised quote for your particular needs or call me at +34 91 711 70 02 (or +34 91 411 32 19).

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