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G. Wittenberger and Ch. Tögel, The Circulars of the "Secret Committee"

Circulars Secret Committee
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In 1912, the most loyal followers of Sigmund Freud formed a ”Secret Committee” in defence of the common cause of psychoanalysis against all its external threats. This group of seven people kept in fervent contact for many years. In their circulars, they dealt with different professional issues and events in local psychoanalysis associations, and even at time, personal problems. But the discussion of these issues reveals over and over again the conflicts and tension between the members of the group, as each one held out hope, to a greater or lesser degree, of being chosen as Freud's successor.

Las Circulares del 'Comité Secreto'"

The translation of this book was a unique experience for me, since Freud had been one of my most passionate reading experiences in the adolescence, which opened my mind to the always renewed although hesitating purpose to understand the human psychology. The reading of the Interpretation of Dreams will always remain in my memories as the initiation which was later on followed by many other titles.

Some interesting external links to further information about Sigmund Freud:

Edition Diskord: Web of the original German book, published by the German editor Edition Diskord (in German).

Freud-Biographik: Biography of Freud written by Christfried Tögel, co-author of the letter collection of the "Secret Committee" (in German). It contains abundant information about Freud's life.

Wikipedia: Article in Spanish about Sigmund Freud, with a list of his Complete Works and numerous links to start searching. There are also interesting articles in the German and English Wikipedia.

Sigmund-Freund-Institut: Portal of the Sigmund-Freud-Institut in Frankfurt, one the most important institutions for psychoanalytic research in the world (in German).

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