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I offer the following interpreting services: consecutive (“Ad-hoc”) and liaison interpreting in both directions (please see the linguistic combinations) in the following areas:

  • business meetings dealing with company agreements, international collaboration agreements, mergers and other similar matters.
  • technical meetings for long term projects, interviews and meetings dealing with development and engineering, start-up operations, or installation alterations.
  • training in economics, engineering, communications, tourism, etc.
  • tourist visits, personalised interpreting services, etc..

I am now following a specific training to offer simultaneous interpreting services.

Please take a look at some examples of translation jobs I have accomplished in the past.


There are different types of interpreting, each one suitable for a different situation and purpose.

Consecutive ("Ad-hoc") interpreting: the speaker talks for a short time, after which the interpreter transmits the content of the speech to the audience. Suitable for technical meetings, negotiations with few participants (usually not more than 4 or 5 people) at which one or more participants do not speak the spoken language.

Simultáneous interpreting : the speaker talks or reads a speech about a concrete topic to a wide audience. The interpreter translates the content of the speech orally at the same time the speaker talks. Suitable for international congresses or conferences. It demands the use of a so-called interpreter booth with sound system and headphones.

Liaison interpreting: the speaker talks for a short time, after which the interpreter transmits what has been said to the other party, who in turn responds, and the interpreter relays the answer back to the first speaker. This allows the two parties to "converse". This is the most used interpreting type at meetings or negociations, for example, between companies with two expert teams.

Whispered (chuchotage): in this method the interpreter sits behind the client and translates with a low voice (hence its French name, coming from the verb "chuchoter" [to whisper]) everything that is being said around them. It is in fact a simultaneous interpreting for only one person.


As an interpreter I work with the following language combinations in both directions:

  • FRENCH    <--> SPANISH

I do not offer interpreting service working with English, as it is my third language, although I am fully conversant in the language, so that I have been forced to act as interpreter on different occasions.

I offer international coverage as an interpreter: I travel to wherever my services are required. If you would like a personalised quote for your needs, click here.

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