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I have been providing translation and interpreting services as a freelance professional since 2001, although my experience in translation goes back to 1995 (see my first published translation). Over this time, I have had the opportunity to work with a wide variety of clients in a number of different situations. From highly literary-based translations to technical documents for specialists; from whispered interpreting (chuchotage) for tourists to consecutive or simultaneous interpreting in commercial negotiations or specialist meetings.

Due to my combined education in the fields of expertise of human sciences and technology, I can offer a combination of languages und speech registers which is not usual: literature, technology and economics, for example. Mi education includes German Philology studies in Switzerland and Germany, with graduate studies in the United States and several years working as a technician. I have also translated a large number of financial documents.

  • My most important distinctive feature is my hability to integrate all my knowledge in the services I offer.
  • My motto is to offer the excellence in my work to my clients, day by day and in the long term.

In the field of interpreting, this activity comes naturally to a person who, like myself, was born in Switzerland to Spanish parents, and who has grown up between the two countries, in three different language zones:  Spanish, German and French. Later, my extended visits to Germany and the United States consolidated my language skills. I have lived in different cultures and I am therefore fluent in the language of those cultures. I can therefore accurately convey what each person taking part in a conversation wants to say. Further details on my training and career can be found on my C.V. page.

Translation is my other main activity. I have translated several books from different fields: poetry, fiction, essays, psychology. I have also translated dozens of financial, legal or technical documents.

If you are looking for a quote for a translation or interpreting job, please click here.

Note: this website, including graphics, structure and content is my own personal design. Information technology is also one of my preferred fields. See my web design page for more information on this activity, which I only practice as a hobby in order to design my presence on the Internet. I also have a personal website devoted to literature, in which I host a blog on literature and translation, on which I often develop important questions related to the world of translation and interpreting.

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